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Updated the Faculty information. Professor K. Hagiwara and assistant professor T. Tokunaga have joined as new members.
Updated the Faculty information.
The research article "Hard-disk equation of state: First-order liquid-hexatic transition in two dimensions with three simulation methods" (Assoc. Prof. Masaharu Isobe) was elected as a milestone article of Physical Review E! Click here for details.
The research article "Turbulence and cloud droplets in cumulus clouds" (Assist. Prof. Izumi Saito and Prof. Toshiyuki Gotoh) was covered in Research Highlihght in Nature Physics! Click here for details.
The research article "UV plasmonic device for sensing ethanol and acetone" (Assist. Prof. Mitsuhiro Honda and Prof. Yo Ichikawa) was selected for Spotlights in Applied Physics Express! Click here for details.
Prof. Toshiyuki Gotoh was elected as an APS Fellow! Click here for details.
Research press release about "Applicability of dynamic facilitation theory to binary hard disk systems" (Assist. Prof. Masaharu Isobe) is now on EurekAlert! Click here for details.
Website made available to the public.